Archive - 2003

November 23rd

"Blue Screen of Death" Collection

Even if you don't know what BSoD means, you've undoubtedly come across them before. They're the really annoying blue screens that appear whenever Windows crashes (and lets face it, that's quite often). I just came across a gallery of some very visible (and very funny) BSoDs. Enjoy!

Here's the gallery.

What should you do if the Internet goes down?

Ever wonder what would happen if you suddenly and unexpectedly lost your internet connection? I know, it's a frightening thought! Fear not, though, this site has the answer. My personal favorite quote:

10. Use Your Emergency AOL Disk

If you find that your connection to the Internet is going to be longer than you can possibly stand, as a last resort, pull out an emergency AOL CD, the one with 910 free hours of connection to the AOL service. Take the CD in one hand...and slash it across your wrist! Suicide will probably be a better alternative than connecting to that service.

Read the full story.

November 13th

Creating a Complete Distribution on CD

Ever wondered how to create your own bootable Linux distribution? Check it out!

Rapid Application Development with QT

There's a pretty short but to-the-point tutorial on using Qt Designer to create quick and easy GUI apps over on DevChannel (part of IBM's wonderful developerWorks network). This tutorial is primarily intended to give you a quick overview on how to create a very basic application, but it gives you a good introduction to the development environment as a whole, and well worth a look if you've ever considered developing with Qt.

Here's the tutorial

November 2nd

Transparent, Bridging and In-line Firewall Devices

SecurityFocus has a great article on transparent firewalls. It doesn't cover many technical details, but it provides a great introduction to what they are, why they're useful, etc.

Read the full article.

Create Web applets with Mozilla and XML

I just came across this very informative article on creating web applets with XUL. It provides an introduction to XUL and Mozilla as a development platform, in the form of a tutorial for creating an online helpdesk system.

Now I gotta tell you, I spent a good many days playing with XUL over the summer, and it can be a real bitch to work with. However, it's a very powerful, cross-platform bitch. It's well worth learning, whether you want to create online applets, or offline applications.

Check out the full tutorial.

October 26th

The Evolution of a Cryptographer

Anyone with experience in the IT security field should be familiar with the name Bruce Schneier. Author of Applied Cryptography, he's one of the definitive experts on cryptography, and he's recently been expanding his expertise into the wider world of security in general.

He recently granted an interview to CSO Magazine, in which he discusses various issues facing security professionals, concerns in a post-09/11 world, and several other topics. He also discusses/plugs his new book, Beyond Fear, which seems like it should be a very interesting read.

Here's the full interview.