OH HELL FREAKIN' YEAH!!! (or, First Ogg Vorbis Hardware Player)

Submitted by jbreland on Fri, 04/25/2003 - 22:17

Finally! I read some initial announcements about this on xiph.org a while back, but I never did see anything about it from Neuros (the manufacturer) until now. Strangely, though, the press release appears to have been up for 2 months. Wonder how I missed it before...

Anyway, it basically says that Neuros and xiph.org are working together on adding Ogg Vorbis playback support to Neuros hardware devices, as well as native Linux support. Nice.

The updates will be available to existing Neuros owners through a firmware upgrade, and are targetting a Spring '03 release date.

Read the full press release for any additional details, and check out the Neuros player while you're there. It actually looks to be a very capable device, and I'm looking forward to purchasing it the very day Ogg support is officially added.