I wrote Reflective Arcade Installer Unwrapper

http://www.reflexive.com/ release games are all wrapped by RAInstallerWrapper, so I wrote a small console program called RAIU to unwrap them. I think that maybe Universal Extractor can add this little program.

Only problem is how to identity the wrapped installer, I can not found a easy mark to identity.

here to download it.

finally, you can reach me via email: liuruxu@gmail.com.

I made a minor change to the program, here is the new version

By the way, I want to know if UniExt would add the function of extract SWF from converted EXE,
because I will write a small program called EXE2SWF, it is command line version and easy to be called by other programs.

EXE2SWF v0.1 is released, and it is a win32 onsole application


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