Universal Extractor

Unable to extract. Please help me :(

Hello guys,

I am UNABLE to extract an .exe file. The file is about 3.8GB and the attachments to this file which have the same icon and I would assume were compiled the same exact way as the main .exe file. When I try to extract the 3.8GB .exe file, I get a message stating:

"C:\downloads\Setup.exe cannot be extracted.
Filetype returned was: Unable to open file

Click OK is you'd like to analyze the file yourself, or click Cancel to exit"

File Description: InstallScript Setup Launcher
Company: Acresso Software Inc.
File Version:
Size: 3.83 GB

The files that come along with this one as an update have the same File Description, Company, and Version. The file Sizes are 240MB and 595MB and they extract perfectly fine.

Any suggestions? It is very important for me to get this file extracted and I am at a loss of ideas at this point.
Please help me out as much as you can, I would really appreciate all the help and suggestions that I can get.

Universal Extractor v 1.6.1 cannot extract Spotify installer

Im trying to extract the newest Spotify installer but it says "It appears to be a(n) Self-Extracting ZIP archive, which is supported, but extraction failed."

Same problem with Spotifys preview version installer.
Both download links below.