LotR: The Two Towers DVD Announcement

Submitted by jbreland on Mon, 04/21/2003 - 23:11

Yeah, buddy! New Line announced their plans for the upcoming LotR: The Two Towers DVD releases. Yes, releasees. As with Fellowship of the Ring, there will be multiple versions of the DVD.

Coming August 26 will be the 2-disc theatrical cut, in both widescreen and full screen versions. Quite a few extras are included, but true fans will want to save themselves for the 4-disc extended edition due on November 18. No specs have been released yet for the extended edition, but with an additional 40 minutes of movie footage and 4-discs to play with, you can rest assured it'll be on par with last fall's phenomenal Fellowship of the Ring extended edition release.

Now, that only leaves 6 months and 28 days to wait. D'oh!

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