New script - Inno Setup CLI Help

Submitted by jbreland on Wed, 09/13/2006 - 11:16

I added a new script to my software page. Inno Setup CLI Help is a set of functions in Pascal that can be included in any Inno Setup installer to display command line usage information to the user when /? is passed to the installer. This help information includes both common parameters available for all Inno Setup installers, as well as the components and tasks that are unique to each installer. The purpose here is to educate the user and make it as easy as possible for him to automate and/or customize installation to suit his needs.

Full details, a screenshot, and download links are available on the Inno Setup CLI Help page.

"If you haven't done anything wrong, then you have nothing to worry about."

Submitted by jbreland on Sun, 09/10/2006 - 21:16

"If you haven't done anything wrong, then you have nothing to worry about," seems to be a answer response these days to concerns about loss of privacy and personal rights in an age of ever-expanding surveillance. Needless to say, this is an absurd and shameful argument. Of course I have something to worry about. Everyone does. To quote Bruce Scheier from a recent article:

Cardinal Richelieu understood the value of surveillance when he famously said, "If one would give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest man, I would find something in them to have him hanged." Watch someone long enough, and you'll find something to arrest -- or just blackmail -- with. Privacy is important because without it, surveillance information will be abused: to peep, to sell to marketers and to spy on political enemies -- whoever they happen to be at the time.

Privacy is a fundamental human right, one which can not and must not be surrendered. The next time you here this statement, consider these responses:

Some of my favorites:

  • If I'm not doing anything wrong, then you have no cause to watch me.
  • Because the government gets to define what's wrong, and they keep changing the definition.
  • Because you might do something wrong with my information.
  • Mind if I make a video of you [making love to] your wife then?
  • So you trust the government completely? Not just this administration, but all of them? You trusted Nixon?
  • Yeah..., isn't that what Stalin used to say?
  • "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." -- Benjamin Franklin

You get the idea.

Latest news

Submitted by jbreland on Tue, 09/05/2006 - 11:30

For those of you that have noticed the lack of updates of the past week, I just wanted to let you know that I'm still around. I've been spending just about all of my free time working on a new app, as well as updates for Universal Extractor and AutoFLAC. They're not yet complete, but keep an eye out for more announcements in the next few days.

New script: Convert to FLAC

Submitted by jbreland on Sun, 08/27/2006 - 02:43

I've added one more script to my software page. This shell script will convert audio files compressed with a lossless audio codec such as Monkey's Audio or Shorten to the FLAC. The key feature here is that instead of simply transcoding the file to FLAC, it'll preserve and migrate any tag information as well.

Additional details can be found on the Convert to FLAC home page.

Please also note that this is essentially an extension of the apetoflac script I posted last week to handle more input formats. Since this script completely supercedes apetoflac, I've removed all references to it from the apeinfo page and simply link to Convert to FLAC instead.

Updated News Feed

Submitted by jbreland on Sat, 08/26/2006 - 04:50

I made some significant updates to the RSS news feed for Among the changes:

  • Feed is now fully RSS 2.0 compiant
  • Each item now includes time posted
  • Each item now includes its category
  • Greatly improved the XSL transformation (used to define how the feed is displayed in web browsers
  • HTML content is now rendered properly
  • XSL should now render correctly in Mozilla/Firefox, IE, Opera, and Safari

The updated feed can be viewed here.

New Orleans - The Road Back

Submitted by jbreland on Fri, 08/25/2006 - 15:03

There's an interesting post on the Metroblogging New Orleans site today titled "The Road Back." It discusses a few recent articles in The Times-Picayune (the daily newspaper for the Greater New Orleans area) concerning the current economy, and the various difficulties encoutnered on a daily basis by those that have already moved back home. It's a pretty enlightening read, especially the newspaper articles. For convenience, I've linked to the articles below.

Post-Katrina New Orleans proves pricey
Wounded N.O. economy remains in coma
Some who returned to New Orleans consider leaving (not the T-P, but still worth reading)

New Bookmarks

Submitted by jbreland on Thu, 08/24/2006 - 02:04

I've updated my Bookmarks page. This list primarily consists of a new Music category, listing my favorite artists, unofficial fan websites, digital audio information, and various other resources. Feel free to check it out if this sounds like something in which you're interested.