Office Depot to Only Sell 'Designed for Windows XP' Products

Submitted by jbreland on Mon, 03/24/2003 - 17:07

In an amazingly stupid move, Office Depot has decided to only sell Designed for Windows XP certified hardware and software.

"Please be aware that Office Depot is immediately requiring all products that connect to a Personal Computer ... must pass these Designed for Windows XP logo requirements to be considered for retail distribution through our stores.... Products must be certified as Designed for Windows XP by May 30, 2003."

This is undoubtedly due to pressure by Microsoft to extend their monopoly even further, this time to retail shelf space!? If a retail chain as large as Office Depot bows to their pressure, you can guarantee that they'll only increase the pressure on other distributers to drop non-MS certified products. Hopefully, other retailers will have more backbone and common sense than Office Deopt, who has just landed themselves on my boycott list.

Read below for more information, including the press release: