Cannot extract a new .exe sony file

Hello everybody, I use UniversalExtractor 1.6 and I cannot extract the (new stored) .exe sony file, for example:
Can You help me? TankYou in advance. :)

It's a self-extracting package for a BIOS update. UniExtract doesn't support it, but you can get the files out of it easily enough. Just run the .exe and look in your %temp% directory. Here will be a a directory in there named something like {7732704B-AF74-47E6-B707-A92FFD889DA5} (though with different numbers/letters). Double-click that and you should see the ROM file and flash utility. You'll need to copy those files while the VAIO BIOS Update Tool window is still open, as it'll delete the temporary files once you click cancel.

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