Verify Game 4.0 Released

Submitted by jbreland on Sun, 02/03/2019 - 23:06

This is a fairly big update for Verify Game. The most notable new feature is that I'm bundling all supported DAT files with the release, so there's no need to individually download each DAT file from No-Intro and Redump yourself. This even includes the restricted Redump for newer consoles that aren't generally available. All credit and thanks to the leaders of these projects for both providing the content as well as the permission to redistribute these files.

Other changes include the usual mix of support for new features and bug fixes:

  • Add support for Xbox 360 DLC, PS4 DLC, and Wii WAD files
  • Add support for Wii U Updates and DLC
  • Add support for nNASOS-compressed images (.dec)
  • Add support for compressed WUD images (.wux)
  • Add -d option to specify temp directory
  • Set vita-psn as default platform for Vita
  • Fixed bug relating to TEMPDIR


You can grab both the new bundled version as well as the updated standalone version from the Verify Game page.