Verify Game 4.1 and Read Game ID 1.3 Released

Submitted by jbreland on Sat, 08/21/2021 - 20:08

I have a couple updates available for my game management scripts.

Verify Game 4.1 adds support for a few new consoles and compression formats formats, plus includes some bug fixes. The bundle version also includes all current supported Redump and No-Intro public and private DAT files.

  • Add support for IBM PC Compatible (pc) optical media
  • Add support for Intellivision
  • Add support for NKit-compressed images (Wii/GC)
    • Drop support for deprecated nNASOS (Wii/GC)
  • Add support for 3DS CDN files (Updates and DLC)
    • Rename 3ds-dlc to 3ds-digital
  • Add support for PS4 updates
  • Strip certificate from 3DS and XCI ROMs to match no-intro DAT
  • Strip headers from LNX ROMs to match no-intro DAT
  • Check for header before stripping
  • Indicate in verification output if ROM has been stripped
  • Include MD5 checksum in output for unmatched ROMs
  • N64 only supports big indian format; z64 and n64 treated the same
  • Update FDS dat filename to match no-intro change

Read Game ID 1.3 also adds support adds support for more formats and bug fixes:

  • Add support for Saturn and Sega CD images
  • Add support for PS4 discs with multiple or differently named
    • app.pkg files, such as Final Fantasy VII Remake
  • Add converted ID for PS1/2 games (e.g., SLUS_200.35 -> SLUS-20035)
  • Fixed a couple bugs in PS2 ISO handling
  • Fixed bug in package ver display for Vita games
  • Changed from read-sfo to sfo for better internationalization support