Linux not ready for the desktop? Give me a break!

Submitted by jbreland on Mon, 04/14/2003 - 08:50

The author of this article makes the case that there's no longer any question of whether Linux is ready for the corporate desktop (it is), but whether corporations are ready for Linux. The author brings up some valid points, and while there are not revelations, it does counter some of the many arguments agains Linux on the desktop.

To sum up: The only area Linux may not yet be mature enough in is application and document format compatability. I reluctantly have to agree with this. While OpenOffice, as an example, may be fine for anything a company has to do from this point on, it may not be compatable with all existing documents, especially those with complicated templates, macros, etc. Reimplmenting all of these templates and macros in OpenOffice would be possible, of course, but the prospect of doing it is certainly discouraging.

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Apple May Buy Universal Music

Submitted by jbreland on Mon, 04/14/2003 - 08:17

I can't really see what good this would do, but interesting and noteworthy nonetheless. Here's the full story:

The really funny thing is that Apple's stock took an 8% dip after this was announced. Also, a later article on this subject (can't remember the source) reported that Microsoft was also showing more than a passive interest in purchasing Universal Music. Interesting times...

And you thought Knoppix was neat

Submitted by jbreland on Thu, 04/10/2003 - 14:19

I got this info from looking around at Distrowatch and it looks cool... its name is Morphix and it has boot cd's that are very Knoppix-like in that they have every application known to man fit on the cd and then they have a lite version that runs on older hardware and "flies on newer hardware"... but more importantly they have a games specific version. Apparently they have just released new versions of these isos.

Here is their page

Using Mozilla to Test and Debug Web Sites

Submitted by jbreland on Wed, 04/09/2003 - 15:16

We already know that, despite a few remaining problems, Mozilla is the best web browser available (well, we enlightened folk anyway ;-) ), but here's another very cool feature - debugging web sites.

I've messed with this capability a couple times in the past, just to see what exactly it does, but I never did anything more than just skim over the surface of it. Well, I recently came accross this site, which gives a VERY thorough tutorial and using the debugging and development capabilities of Mozilla to their fullest extent. It's most definitely worth reading for anyone that develops web pages.

The tutorial can be found ere:

Bye-Bye TCPA, Hello Trusted Computing Group

Submitted by jbreland on Wed, 04/09/2003 - 13:09

It looks like the Trusted Computing Platform Alliance (TCPA) is no more, although that's not necessarily a good thing. The new Trusted Computing Group is basically composed of the same members of the TCPA, but now instead of focusing on the design and specifications of "trusted computing" (AKA Palladium), they're now focused on bringing it to market as soon as possible.

"TCG is a more formal group with licensing policy, a marketing budget, and a mission to push the trusted computing technology into a variety of devices."

Okay, now let's summerize:

  • "formal licensing policy" => ream the end users
  • "push the trusted computing technology" => force Microsoft's plan for total market dominance upon unwilling users
  • "variety of devices" => there's no escaping it!


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